Facebook super-speeding with $2.59Billion in the First Quarter


Facebook sales climbed 63 percent to $2.59 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013
as the company earned an adjusted 31
cents per share. Revenue for the full year,
meanwhile, was $7.87 billion, up 55
percent from 2012, and 2013 net income
was $1.5 billion.
For the fourth quarter, analysts were
anticipating earnings of 27 cents per share
on revenue of $2.34 billion.
With members spending more of their time social networking on Androids and IOS, mobile continues to be Facebook’s most-watched metric. The company
managed to make 53 percent — or $1.25
billion — of its total advertising revenue ($2.34 billion) from mobile in the first quarter. Facebook said it now has 945 million monthly active users
on mobile, which is a 39 increase over the
year-ago quarter.
For some perspective, Facebook accounted
for more than 18 percent share of
worldwide mobile ad spending in 2013,
which is up from a 5.35 percent share in
2012, according to eMarketer’s estimates.
Facebook closed the year with 1.23 billion
monthly active users (MAUs) and 757
million daily active users (DAUs). The
company’s engagement rate, or the ratio of DAUs to MAUs, is staying strong at 61.5percent. Investors look to this number on a
quarterly basis to determine whether
Facebook’s audience continues to be just as active with the social network. The metric suggests, despite reports of teens fleeing
for other networks, that, overall, people
are returning to Facebook on a daily basis
at record rates. Payments, the not-quite-as-stellar side of Facebook’s business where the company
profits primarily from games running on its Web site, contributed $241 million to sales in the fourth quarter.

Facebook’s stock is trading up more than 9percent following the report. The company, which has celebrated its 10-year anniversary, closed down about 3 percent at $53.53 per share.


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